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The 2019 Holiday Soda Review

Welcome to the first official post of the 2019 Holiday Hell Show. My hope is that this Hell Show will be an inviting and entertaining place for everyone. To some the Christmas season is a time of great celebration with lots of family and friends. To others it can be a lonely and a reminder times long gone. I want to bring a little bit of happiness to everyone, if that is possible, with videos, articles and just an overall sense of gratitude for the little things.

Tonight we start things off with a little video discussing the new(ish) HOLIDAY SODAS of 2019. As a guy who rarely indulges in sugary drinks, take me review with a grain of salt. I am no expert or person of discerning soda taste. But it is honest and relatively to the point, minus lawn mowers and dogs.

Come watch me yak about Winter Spice Cranberry Sprite, Coca-Cola Cinnamon and the infamous Cheerwine Holiday Punch.

And welcome to the 2019 Holiday Hell Show.

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