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The Key West Shipwreck Museum

This was a weird one. I have been there before but this particular trip I was working with a new Canon T6i which is one of the easier SLR video cameras to use. I never had an issue with it until this time. For what ever reason it refused to focus even though I switch settings and speeds. Even weirder it would unfocus almost on command with certain words.

Long story short, I continued to film until it would randomly shut off. When I decided to finally give up and just snap photos it drained the battery for good. That has never happened to me. Even my iPhone X pictures came out either completely black or a weird light brown and it too drained.

I am sure there are hundreds of rational explanations for this phenomenon but with the stories and lore of this museum not to mention the thousands of artifacts from wrecked ships, I lean a little to the paranormal. But hey, that's me.

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