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Da Bomb Neil Breen Challenge!

I love stupid movies and even stupider hot sauces. So it only makes sense to try one of the hottest sauces you can buy named "Da Bomb" which was made famous on the hit YouTube show "Hot Ones" and pair it with the crazy Neil Breen movie Double Down. My buddies are in town for the weekend and this is kind of what we do so I paired up with my pal Dave and we took the Neil Breen Double Down challenge. What is the challenge, you may ask? Simple.

Da Bomb makes a hot sauce so hot it can make a person have visions of the future. While it is a famous sauce they also make incredibly hot peanuts which are covered in dried habanero salt. The double down is a peanut dowsed in Da Bomb hot sauce. It might not be a lot but it was enough make Dave and I walk around the kitchen in agony for five minutes. It definitely humbled me as a hot sauce connoisseur.

Come watch us make a fairly large mistake!

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