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Lost Story Studios Top 5 Horror Favorites!

As we kick off the Halloween Hell Show, I want to introduce you to a couple of my best buddies. Bo Fader and Brockton McKinney go waaaay back and I am super proud of all that these guys have accomplished. I can't tell half of the hilarious stories of times with these guys because, well, this is a family show. I will say Bo has the death sentence in twelve systems so if that is any indication, I would be careful.

Recently I was able to catch up with the boys and drink some beers at the Greensboro Comic Con they were running. I don't know how they accomplish so much in such little time. Brockton writes for Mad Magazine, writes films for Full Moon Features, runs Lost Story Studios and is tied into dozens of other projects. Bo is in sales, creative director of Lost Story Studios, on the team which puts on these amazing cons and is my creative director for 1985 Corporations. Every time I am with these guys it's as if time has not passed. We step right back into the side-splitting hilarious shenanigans and my liver ages ten years.

These guys along with TV May and Siena do one awesome intro for the Halloween Hell Show AND impart their top 5 favorite horror flick suggestions for you to run out and watch. I mean, Melted Gibson? Come on!

Big thanks to Bo and Brock and be sure to follow them on Twitter! ( @BrocktonMckinney @BoFader) and Facebook @loststorystudios.

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