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The 2019 Halloween Hell Show Begins!

It's finally here! My favorite time of the year and I get to celebrate with you! It's been kind of a weird year but things have settled right into place and it couldn't have come at a better time. This Hell Show will be one for the record books and very reminiscent of 2016 when I truly embraced the season in its full glory. I am happy to say I will be in the country for the entire show so that will help and holy cats, I have all new tech for videos both available on YouTube and live-streaming services! There will be so many more videos this year and that will either be good or bad. Depends on your taste.

This season I am taking you to some really spooky locations which even creeped me out. Whether you believe in folklore or not, it is fun to imagine these stories to be 100% true especially on cool evenings when the wind is whipping and the pumpkin candles are burning. I hope you get the same chills I did in places like the St. Augustine lighthouse or the Marshall House hotel in Savannah, Georgia. I don't know if ghosts are real but if they are, they would definitely be there!

I have a ridiculous hot sauce collection. Anyone who knows me and has visited my home will attest that at least on one occassion I have offered the challenge to try one. It's not that I enjoy their pain but that it makes me feel better about my overreactions. This year I am reviewing some of my top favorite horror-themed hot sauces like Nubbins Hot Saw-ce that I got at a horror convention some time ago. Most I have never tried so I will be making a fool of myself for your entertainment while we discuss how awesome the movies were. Some might be streaming live. IT'S ALL FOR YOU, DAMIEN!

Over the years I have met a lot of amazing people in this community and I am excited to have them collaborate on the Halloween Hell Show. A few are veterans of the site and some are new faces. Watch as we delve into the season and drag you along with us. Lots of fun locations, reviews and chats about all things Halloween. A perfect escape on a quiet Saturday night or a busy Monday in the cubical. I am pretty lucky to be in this group and hopefully that includes you!

This is the time of the year we all have that one thing in common and that is our love for this season. It's not the day but the journey. The Halloween season greats like J.W .Ocker, Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from The Sexy Armpit do an impeccable job of keeping that spirit alive throughout these months and it only gets better as we draw closer to the 31st of October. Make sure to check them out and more like them who will be highlighted here on the Halloween Hell Show. It seems the climate at this time is pretty tense but it is nice we have places to go where all are welcome.

To kick off the season right, here is the annual video of me being a goof. I shot a longer one that I am tempted to air later on in the season. I had a hard time posting it as the intro for fear not everyone has seen 976-EVIL and it might be lost on a few. So, I dumbed it down and shot a quick intro of me sweating and rambling in Old Salem. (No, not the Salem)

I hope you enjoy the show. Remember, the Halloween Hell Show is for everyone and it is an interactive experience. Reach out to me in the comment section, email, Twitter or wherever else I my roam. Have fun, be kind to each other and enjoy the ride. Happy Halloween and let the show begin!

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