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Into It!

Hold on to your butts, people, I have a follow-up to yesterday's blog post, "Into It!". Turns out, I am into a lot of things lately. I am imagining a few more of these posts will happen before I settle down and update what I am into in weekly increments. So let's get going and maybe you can "get into" some of these things too!

1) Somerjam Art!

My good buddy, Jeff Somogyi, has become quite the artist over the past couple years moving from stick figure art on Instagram to these amazing and hilarious artistic creations. If you know this guy you know how intelligent and witty he is so anything he puts out there I want to support.

He has a Patreon account where you can get stickers, tees and other awesome variations of his works. Just by being a contributor he sent me this awesome little lobster roll sticker which will go right onto this Mac as soon as I am done with this post! Head over to Jeff's Instagram page where you can see his stuff and support his art! CLICK HERE!

2) Amazing Grass Green Superfood (Energy)

I am always the skeptic when it comes to supplements or hippy-dippy green juice but holy shit, you guys, this stuff is amazing. In my endeavor to get back in real fighting shape I recognize that cleaning out the system takes a whole lot of effort. Especially when you start off by getting sidelined by pneumonia. Nothing great happens overnight but there are some tricks that can help set the wheels in motion and at least point you in the right direction. Enter Amazing Grass.

I've been taking this for a couple of weeks and the befits are felt almost immediately. My main goal was to stop drinking ten cups of coffee throughout the day and also take in pure nutrients without eating an entire lawn. I mean, it is impossible to seek out yerba mate if you have never heard of it before, no matter how fun it is to say (Yerba Yerba Yerba). This little scoop gives you all the compact nutrients you need and even adds a little natural caffeine to help you punch through a wall or two. And taste? Not that bad! It's a small little drink so anyone can suck up a little wheat grass here and there.

I think this little 30 day supply ran me around $24.00 so if you break that down, it's less than a buck a day for a pretty potent green juice. I'm into it!

3) NINE Visual Productivity App

I do love a good productivity app and this one really does sing to me. NINE is a visual productivity application that allows you to take a picture, choose from a list to organize, map the location and set a date or time to complete whatever it is you want to accomplish. And it's free!

I know I am old and sometimes I get grumpy about embracing new technology especially when it comes to social media bridging with sales or business. This one I took to the very minute I downloaded it. Whether it is my real life job, my startup company, fitness routine, tech wants, food to try or places to go, I snap pictures and set timers daily and you know what? SHIT GETS DONE! And to me, that is all that matters. The only thing that would make this better would be a cartoon dog who would walk across the screen when you check off an item. It's the small rewards sometimes.

4) Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

I think it is safe to say I have a fascination with high performers. People who have the guts, the vision and endurance to get up when everyone else is down for the count. But more over, I believe there is that potential in every person. Who chooses to rise to the occasion, well, that is what separates them from the pack.

Paying attention to what is happening in the world of entertainment, politics and world events just wears me down. There are so many people who are so completely pissed off at things they probably know nothing about. We only have so many breaths to take in this life so why waste them arguing about topics that won't even make it to the end of a week's news cycle?

This is why I primarily watch YouTube shows because if I am going to spend time in front of the TV, I want to get something back. That is where I found Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory. This is an amazing show and podcast where some of the elite performers, leaders, innovators and specialists are interviewed. Tom himself is a very accomplished performer so that makes him an even better interviewer since he gets right to the point of what makes these individuals tick. I find myself taking notes when I watch this show and that's a weird thing to do on a Friday night.

If you need inspiration or curious about the different fields of human potential, please check it out! It's a resource that I know you will benefit from.

So, there is the follow-up to yesterday's "Into It!" blog of some of the things I am into. This will be a constant on on the Casserole of Disaster because, as it turns out, I am into a lot. If you find some things you are into here, try them out and let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions I might dig, share away!

Be well.

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