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Into It!

Hello! Remember me? I am that weirdo who makes stupid videos and writes about everything from Halloween to what kind of hot sauce will make a human smaller. Yes, I know I have been on a little hiatus but that is with good reason. Well, let me walk that back. It is a couple mediocre reasons but they are still reasons like...had my laptop stolen and Wix makes a really shitty interface for the iPad so I simply didn't post. That's a good one, actually!

Regardless, I am back and you will be seeing a ton of new stuff headed your way right here and on my company's website, 1985 Corporations. I have found new love in the blogging/vlogging world because I need to come back to a simple time. This past year has taken its toll but believe it or not, I have come out on the other end so so much better.

Every week I am featuring a series called "Into It!" which is inspired by the great B.J. Novak (The Office) when he ran the App, Lis.t. It has gone the way of the dodo but holy shit did I enjoy his list of things he was into every week. It inspired me to step out and try somethings I may not have known otherwise.

So, here it goes! This is my past week of "Into It!"

1) Alton Brown's Winter Vegetable Soup

Okay, so this first half of this month I came down with pneumonia and weirdly enough it was after I started really working out and training hard to include a dramatic switch to a majority of plant-based eating. I guess it is just poor timing but while laid out I found the world's greatest soup recipe and it is not only good for you but it is pretty easy. Alton can over complicate things (which is what he is supposed to do) but this one is made for dummies like me. Follow the recipe here.

2) Rich Roll

Finding Ultra is one of those books I picked up and just could not stop until it was done. Rich Roll is a super human and what makes him a super human is his life story of failing. Basically at 41 he decided to change his lifestyle so dramatically by the age of 45 he was named one of the most fit men on the planet. Oh, he was an alcoholic and obese. Just a few hurdles but this story of mental toughness had me completely mesmerized. Also, he has a killer podcast and is rated one of the top health podcasts out there. Check it out! Peace-Love-Plants!

3) Apple iPad 12.9

Lately I have been overhauling my technology and honestly, it's not because I wanted to. Unfortunately I have had an iPad, my Mac and a camera all stolen over the course of this year. So, I have been slowly replacing all of them and I took the plunge and got the new iPad Pro 12.9 with a terabyte of memory. This is a beast and can do most everything a Mac Pro can (except post blogs on Wix) and in a lot of cases much more. I haven't tapped into 1/100000th of it's capability but I am trying. I am currently wishing there was a security app like a rape whistle for anyone who wants to steal it.

Oh! And the Apple Pencil is amazing and it magnetically attached to charge. Brilliant.

4) Free Solo

Hey, every almost shit yourself from the safety of your couch? Well, now you can because this documentary of free soloist Alex Honnold will have you turning away in sheer terror as he climbs one of the tallest walls of rock, El Capitan. Film maker Jimmy Chinn and E. Chai Vasarhelyi follow Alex as he prepares and ascends up the most difficult wall of granite any professional climber can tackle but here is the thing; he has no rope. This is all on him and one slip can send him falling 3,000 feet down. It's crazy, but for a human like Alex you can see he is the master of his domain. Very inspiring and highly recommended. Free Solo on Amazon Prime if you want to ruin your stomach.

Well, there are a few things I am into from this past week. I am sure this list will very in length but if anything jumps out at you, try it! Now that I am posting regularly I think I will try more things for content and that is the name of the game, Pete!

Be well!

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