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To All the Toy's I've Loved Before...And Do

Lord, I have come to loathe the holidays. It evokes the worst emotions in an ironic twist of words like "peace on Earth, good will towards men". I have come to despise it all. Every year I find myself making a Sophie's choice in a no win holiday decision of where to be or when to be. It takes the childhood delight away and this has made me so bitter.

This year I want to do something that will take all of this back. I want to reengage to what made the holidays great and I have an idea. This is where you come in.

Each week there will be posts about Xmas commercials, toys, places and people. I want your stories and I want to post them here. Come be apart of the fun of the holidays! I'll share first.

I threw up in a manger.

That is a post for tomorrow. Welcome to the Holiday Hell Show. Ho Ho Ho.

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