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Halfway to Halloween!

Oh Spring with your bipolar weather, never sure if it's going to be 80 degrees or 30. A nice yellow coat of pollen covers everything and if you happen to be allergic, your face feels like pounded veal. In a week you could see rain or maybe snow or perhaps sleet? And if luck be your lady, a tornado! Some people love the Spring and that is okay. Personally, I look at pastel colors the same way Ted Allen from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy would look at orange shag carpet. It makes me sad in all the wrong places and I long for the days that will come after the other half-trip around the sun. You know the time.

It's halfway to Halloween! I am not going to go crazy about it because that would be crazy. Instead, we are celebrating a mini-week of the Halloween Hell Show with never been seen episodes from past Halloween Hell Shows I just ran out of time to air. It's a great excuse to do something to help us over the hump until this August.

Also, hi, it's the week of Friday the 13th! The last time we had a Friday the 13th was in October so absolutely we should be doing this. It's a great time to shed a little orange and black over the baby-puke yellow and light green.

Starting TONIGHT! At 9:30 eastern we will be doing a "Watch Along" on Twitter viewing Friday the 13th movies 1-6! The first one will be tonight and you can find it on HULU, Amazon Prime or anywhere like YouTube rental or whatnot. It will be fun and frightening! Follow along with the hashtag #HHSF13. We will count down to start so everyone will be at the same point. Hulu may have commercials so I am not sure how that will do but whatever. It's fun to watch with you pals!

Here is the best part! Every night there will be a giveaway drawing for those who watch along or participate on Twitter or the Casserole of Disaster FB page. Tonight we are giving away the newest BOXSET of Friday the 13th The Series. This series was an 1980's gem and is so much fun to stick on the TV with friends or a first date (don't do that). Just twitter me directly or the Casserole of Disaster FB or just comment below to be entered. Say something like, "hey Will/Bill, you have nice hair". No, just #F13giveaway will be fine.

So! Posts happening all week and every night with a double feature on this Friday the 13th ending with Part 6 (personal favorite. Ya Bang!). The drawing will happen at the end of each Friday the 13th movie and announced with the private message to the winner so I can get your details for shipping. You will want to stick around because each night will have awesome prizes and Friday will have three amazing ones! Seriously, you will want these.

Happy Halfway to Halloween!

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