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Halloween Fallout!

Oh what a season it was. Of course, sitting here on November first I am always a little dissatisfied with the end result by the amount I left on the table. To be honest, I could have written three posts a day for two straight months and would probably feel just the same. There is never enough time especially when you run a team, a household, a zoo and travel. The joy of the Halloween Hell Show is intrinsic and if it brings even one person a little bit of happiness, I think it did it's purpose.

So, let's see. This season I went to the famous haunted Japanese forest, a monster cafe, saw Godzilla, reviewed the annual Halloween Sodas, reviewed the best purchases from the Dollar Store, the best at purchase at Big Lots, a 9 foot T-Rex, stayed in a haunted B&B in Savannah, a haunted hotel in Scotland, visited Lake Loch Ness, strolled around Greyfrair's cemetery both during the day and midnight, went to the Witchery, a Frankenstein themed pub, hung out with my pals in Salem, Massachusetts during the October madness, visited the ruins of a castle that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula, Periscoped a whole October Sunday, and made over one hundred new friends on social media. So, yes, this season was a big success regardless if I got to put it all in a video or not.

The orange lights are unplugged, the jack-o-lanters have been taken to the trash and the air of spookiness is slowly transitioning to cheer. What is a blogger to do? Well....


This November I am going all-in to memories from along long time ago. The new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, is coming out this December which is the perfect bridge to the Christmas holiday. I have been itching to review and reminisce about the movies which shaped my childhood and even today as an adult geek, I still get a twinge of excitement when I see iG-88 or an Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Now, I am no expert on the canon of the story or the deep detailed lore but I do have personal love and stories to share. Like how I wore a whiffle ball bat in my belt until I was 13, er, 6. It blends perfectly into the nostalgic joy of Christmas and frankly, I need something warm and fun to look forward to.

I won't beat you over the head with Star Wars, I promise. Business as usual is back here at the Casserole of Disaster so there will be some stupidity here and there. Halloween is over and we all had our good cry. Now it's time for fun again.

Much Love to you!


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