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On the Nerd Lunch!

Hello, fellow! Last week I was invited to come back to be in the fourth chair of the always awesome podcast, Nerd Lunch. These guys kill it in the podcasting world and no topic is off the table when it comes to things important to us nerds. I mean, this is their 10th year anniversary so they really are the standard most podcasts follow.

I am still getting my podcast skills together because in my world, I don't get to interact in geeky conversation unless it's online. So when I get a chance to actually talk to super smart and articulate people on these topics, well...I get a little excited. You can probably tell on this one and the Halloween episode last year. Need to take it from a ten to about a four, William.

Okay, this episode I am with CT, Jeeg, and Mike Westwall. The topic is pop culture's best friends and loner-type figures. We go deep on this one so hang tight.

Thanks Nerd Lunch! Always awesome hanging with you and the crew!

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