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The Best Damn Star Wars Podcast Ever!

Star Wars. Who doesn't love that brilliant saga based along time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Seriously, point them out so I can have a sit down with them and explain why they are so backwards. It's a larger than life universe that is only limited to as far as our imaginations will take it. I can't think of a single kid who didn't day dream at least a few times about flying an X-Wing down the trenches of the Death Star or moving objects with the wave of their hand while feeling the Force flow through them.

As an adult, however, those bonds are few and far between especially if you work 90% of your life and long engaging talks about why the Prequels gave you indigestion just don't seem to happen. Well, at least not without eye rolls and blank stares. To have those meaningful talks I find myself reaching out across the vast social media platform and internet groups. Being a closet nerd can be a lonely road but thankfully there are communities just for me. Enter the crew from the popular podcast, Nerd Lunch.

Nerd Lunch has a simple but very well executed show. The hosts are Pax, CT and Jeeg with an ever rotating fourth chair for someone who has a deep appreciation or expertise about whatever topic they chose for that particular episode. Some are regular guests and some are new but this pop culture show is always a fun ride, never going the way you imagine. I have a few all time favorites and yours truly was a guest with Jay from the Sexy Armpit. I was kind of a spaz on the show because...well it was Halloween and I was on the Nerd Lunch with my buddy while filling much bigger shoes that belong to Matt from Dinosaur Dracula. It was a bit of a high, I must say, but still nothing holds a candle to the Star Wars Drill Down episodes.

Pax, CT and Jeeg host Geek Kay and Michael May as they take us through a very detailed Drill Down of Star Wars episodes 1-7, Rogue One and the Expanded Universe. The love and appreciation for this space drama really is a gift to us because it gives moderate fans a new look into how important these stories are and mega fans like me a different reason to love these films all over again. It's smart, funny, educational and whenever you listen to someone who is passionate about a topic, it makes you want to be passionate as well.

Click the posters below and get whisked away to the far reaches of space where the Rebel Alliance battles the evil clutches of the Galactic Empire. Not a stone will be left uncovered so I encourage these episodes to be listened to multiple times. Pull up a chair and open up your brown paper bag. You're about to get learned the ways of the Force.

A big thanks to the crew from Nerd Lunch! These episodes will go down as some of the best podcasting there is and also some of the best Star Wars discussions available. It is based on well thought out reasoning and does not take the easy route with negativity. It's a breath of fresh air in a long history of American film making.

Be sure to checkout Michael May's Kill All Monsters site. He is involved in other podcasts and projects and he writes brilliantly. Also, Geek Kay has a wonderful podcast called Hyperspace Theories based around the Star Wars Universe as well as a cool blog called FANgirl Blog. She brings an awesome female perspective to this culture and its really neat to see the cosplay talent she has. It is so important that girls have these heroes and she does a great service bringing this to light.

Make sure to give a follow to CT, Jeeg, Pax, GeekKay and Michael May on Twitter too!

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