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The 2016 Holiday Hell Show

We finished Halloween and actually, it didn't turn out so bad. Sure there was tons of stuff I left on the table that I wanted to include but between life and work, this was what I could do. I am happy it turned out the way it did and beyond blown away from the amount of people who followed along and was apart of it. I thank them so much because without a following, this would be a clear sign of my sanity slipping into the abyss.

Now that the pumpkins are in the trash and the decorations put away, it's time to move on to the next fun event of the year; the holidays! I consider Thanksgiving and Christmas to be a combined event. With Black Friday, Christmas tree decorating traditions on Thanksgiving night and the fact The Grinch is always on that same time too, it's just one continuing festival in my mind. So, let the Hell Show turn red and green because I am not done with this madness yet!

What can we expect this year, you ask? Great question and I am glad you ask such intelligent and pointed questions. I am determined to have a stress-free holiday this year. Every year it's a mad rush with silly expectations and I end up wishing it was over without enjoying all the great little things that makes life so wonderful. NOT THIS YEAR! I am doing it right and taking you with me.

You may not know this about me but I love to cook. And cooking is a mandatory activity this time of the year. So, I will be doing more videos showing off my mad skills mixed with a touch of horror and, of course, review videos. I already have a few things on the radar that you need to know about.

Hoping to get some fellow bloggers on board to share in this Hell Show like Brian from Review the World and DJ D from Dark Entries Goth Radio. More people always makes life better when it comes to content. I am hoping to get these guys on here very soon!

I think I will kick the show off in the coming week so hang loose and get your sweater ready. The nog will flow and life will be Holly Jolly! Welcome to the 2016 Holiday Hell Show!

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