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Continuing on with some of my favorite horror hosts of cinema, TV and the web, Bailey Jay's character, Shemalia, is one of the best. That is actually how I found and followed her on Twitter and she is one awesome person to follow!

Harkening back to some of the great female horror hosts like Vampira and Elvira, Shemalia is an undeniable groundbreaker. Her humor and natural talent prove that this is one horror host who needs to be included as one of the greats. I wish there were more episodes because I think this is a very important inclusion to the horror community, not just because she is a huge figure in the Trans community but she shows that people can embrace who there are and be great. Perhaps we can nudge networks to raise her from the grave for a Saturday late-night hosting show? I would start that petition!

Thank you Bailey Jay for your character, Shemalia! Here at Casserole of Disaster, you are applauded and are on the "List of Fantastics". Please bring her back from the dead. There is a need of more horror hosts to show us films like Elves and The Screaming Skull.

Give Bailey a follow but I do need to let you know she works in the adult entertainment industry as well so be sure not to do this at work. Work can be the pooper of the party.

Back soon with another great horror host and the end of the holiday. Booooooo.

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