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Bob Wilkins Creature Features!

Here we are at the last week of Halloween. Where did it go? What happened? Did we make someone mad? I am not going to think about it and just enjoy every last bit until this time next week. Then I will have a glass of Jameson, a nice cigar and a good cry.

Tonight I am doing another horror host spotlight from a time when TV was a civil and fun place to be. Do you remember that time? Well, thanks to the miracle of YouTube we can still take a peak at what a fantastic place it must have been in the 70's to have a Saturday night to view Attack of the Mushroom People in the glory of shag carpet and deep orange hues.

This episode is all about the great Bob Wilkins and his show Creature Features. Bob was a dry witted host who didn't necessarily like most of the films he introduced but wow was he a charismatic and funny guy to make it worth your time. In fact, he came from a background in advertisement and used that knowledge of reverse psychology to keep viewers entertained so much so that when his station went to a national cable station, he would beat Saturday Night Live even at the peak of it's success.

Bob Wilkins hung up the Creature Features hosting job after a strong decade to go back to advertisement in 1979 but he continued to guest host from time to time. The reason he told viewers was that the movies were too terrible for him but in reality, he was a dedicated family man who really wanted to enjoy time with them.

Unfortunately we lost Bob in 2009 to complications from Alzheimer's disease. His important place in history, however, is absolutely undeniable. He was a kind, funny and from the interviews and pieces I have read, Bob seemed to be very well loved. I have only heard of him in recent years but even posthumously, Bob Wilkins has left a big impression on me.

Thank you Bob.

Here is a short video going further in to what made him such a great horror host on Creature Features of the Bay Area. Have a wonderful night and stay tuned for so much more!

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