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Halloween Sodas!

When it comes to Halloween shopping there are some stores that shine and others that flop. World Market has the Shining! If you are unfamiliar with this retail chain it is an import market that has various household items, food and beverages from around the globe. Like Pier1 but better and with less wicker.

I always pop over there around this time of the year to get my annual haul for the season. This year was a little bittersweet because I had to do it without my pals, Brian and Dave (DJ D), who were around last year for the shopping fun. I dedicate this credit card statement to them.

We bought a few amazing items, last year, that were exclusive to World Market and we chatted about them on the 2015 Halloween Hell Show. Some of them were the amazing and licensed Universal Monster sodas featuring the Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein's Monsters. This year we have a couple more to the mix and if they aren't new to you, they are new to me so BACK OFF!

Here is a quick take on the three new(ish) additions to World Market's Halloween Sodas! I don't usually drink soda so take this review with a grain of salt because I am no expert but when it's windy and chilly and the possibility of goblins roaming the hollow, I feel it's okay to yap about cream soda with a purple mummy on the bottle. You do too.

(See how many times I say "anyway". My Communications 101 professor would be proud)

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