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Halloween Decor at the Grocery Store!

One of my favorite parts of the Halloween season is finding weird and macabre decor at the most normal and everyday places. This time of the year we can watch the spookiness creep into the stores like fog over Antonio Bay and while the obvious spots like Party City and Target have their annual goods, I love what the "everyday" spots decide to put out. You know, like grocery stores and drug stores? There is just something about magical about seeing a plastic severed head next to onions.

This past week I was running into the grocery store to get coffee and cheese and before I could even make it through the entrance, I noticed an impressive display or orange and black. That's when mine eyes had seen the glory of the circular bag with the large print reading, "Collapsible Coffin with Lid". Holy shit! For the first time ever I would be buying a coffin at a grocery store and for only around $20! It is a true touchdown for us Halloween freaks.

Come watch my review and an embarrassing mishap as I construct the Collapsible Coffin! These sort of Halloween finds are my reason for the season!

This week will be stellar! I am in an airport right now finally doing edits and have just one little trip for work but this will be a packed week for the Hell Show! Just imagine horror sodas, Joe Bob Briggs and a book review from a buddy of mine about the wonderful lore of Salem. Until then, enjoy your Sunday night!

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