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The 2016 Halloween Hell Show!

The 2016 Halloween Hell Show is now officially open for business. This is the season that we patiently wait for, strumming our fingers through spring and gritting our teeth through the summer until finally we arrive at the wonderful months which end with the letter 'R'. It's the time we can wake up on cold mornings while drinking pumpkin coffee, listening to College Game Day previews on the TV, step outside and see our breath against an orange and yellow tree backyard-scape. The great joy of wearing jeans and boots with our favorite flannel shirt that fits a little too snug and gives off the impression that cutting firewood will be in the near future. This is the season that will make it impossible to enter a grocery store without a pretty display of haystacks, scarecrows and pumpkins welcoming us inside to buy gallons of cider and maybe something to put in a crockpot for a few hours while prepping for Sunday Night Football.

For a few of us, however, it means just a little more. This is the season we drive by the rows of corn fields on the side of the road while blaring "Everyday Is Halloween" by Ministry with that feeling of excitement not for anything pending but of how great the moment is. The outside bonfire we know will make our coat smell for weeks but at that particular moment with an autumn beer in-hand, that will be a smell of honor. Flipping through the channel guide and seeing the all day horror movie marathons on AMC and similar cable channels and cancelling all obligations because when else do we watch Pet Semetary 2? Eating handfuls of candy corn not because we like it but because we have to. And of course the amazing people online with their fantastic Halloween shows, countdowns and specials like Matt from Dinosaur Dracula, Jay from The Sexy Armpit and so many more, it makes us wonder what the season was like before them.

Halloween is not just a day at the end of October for so many of us. Actually, if being honest, the 31st is more of a bummer. I know this might sound strange to you if the Fall is not your cup of tea or you cannot comprehend a 38 year old getting down to The Great Pumpkin but we all find our little heaven in this coexistence we call life.

So, what are you in for, you ask? Well...we have such sights to show you.

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