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The Hallo-switch

Shhh! Listen! You smell something?

Boy oh boy has it been busy here over at the CoD HQ. Learning from mostly lackluster Halloween Hell Shows of the past, I know that life (especially in corporate America) can come down on you at the most inconvenient times. So this year I am planning ahead! *gasp!* I have this year's celebration mapped out, lots of videos already shot, articles orchestrated and trips added making this year THE BEST ONE YET! It has to be since this is the first for Casserole of Disaster. It just hasta!

An awesome Twitter bud of mine, AllHallowSteve, came up with the best term for the cresting last month of summer, when we start to see severed heads in Walgreens and pumpkin beers emerge at the local watering holes. The "Hallo-switch" is starting to happen and even though it feels early, it ain't. This is when stores make the move to Halloween. Some happen three months ahead, some hold out until October...because they are royal dicks. Looking at you, Target!

For the Casserole of Disaster, the season doesn't begin until September 1st or after the kick off of Dinosaur Dracula's Halloween Countdown so it will be a low roar until then but be sure that in my silly office, we are hard at work! Keep your eyes out for the Hallo-switch because it's already starting to happen.

Now I have to run off and be an adult. Don't tell anybody I was here, okay?

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