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M&M Review? In Salem??? Sorta

Hey rad dudes and dudettes! So, as you might know, Brian from Review the World and Dave (DJ D) from Retro Ghouls paid me an awesome visit earlier this summer and we had such a great time. Many calories were added, reviews shot, horror movies watched and laughs had. I love those guys and it is always the highlight of the year when we get together.

It is a little late to do a realtime review of M&M's since they came out with their temporary flavors; coffee, honey and chili pepper but that doesn't stop us from sharing our opinion from the old pre-colonial setting of Salem, North Carolina. While I don't believe there were witches and devils walking around the town, it was fun to pretend. Had it been fifteen degrees cooler, this would have been a three part video full of spooky lore.

Come watch us yap about how these M&M's stack up against one another. Also, sorry I look like I stole something from a store the whole time. We were being circled by old lady walkers who probably thought we were trespassing on public property.

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