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Slim Jimssssss

I have a lot of videos with the boys from Review the World and Retro Ghouls coming out in the following weeks before we changeover to the macabre and strange (Halloween). Brian did a bang up job with the review of three new Slim Jim flavors that would make Macho Man proud and show everyone that meat sticks can have culture.

I heard about this idea a couple weeks before the arrival of Brian so I did what I could to avoid any other reviews or posts. To be honest, it would not have mattered. They are Slim Jims and when it comes to flavored meat, we can all have discerning taste.

I love getting time to do any reviews with these awesome guys. It's amazing the flow Brian has and if I can say that is just from experience in this field, I would be sorely underplaying what it's like to watch him in his element. That boy has talent.

So watch this silly escapade of guys in their thirties review gimmicky junk food while disrespecting the dead. USA! USA! USA!

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