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It's a Good Time To Be a Fan

Heyo! Well, if you are a fan of horror, awesome T-shirts, crazy neat art and entertainment, you are in luck! This past week had some crazy news and keep your wallets handy because like anything good in life, if you're not paying attention, it will pass you by.

8 Bit Zombie does it again! The creator, artist and overall badass, Ross, has released some major threads this week to include this gem that I had to buy. From the cult classic and mostly forgotten film , The Legend of Billie Jean, we see her in the punk rock social justice hero getup with the line "Fair Is Fair". The amazing stylized era backdrop makes this shirt a standout and surely something people will ask about. Feel free to talk about the part where Yeardly Smith's character, Putter, becomes a woman. Barf.

Head over to 8 Bit Zombie which is celebrating five years of awesomeness and browse the merch. It is definitely worth it and very affordable for quality wears and amazing designs. Awesome job, Ross!

It's that time again and this year looks to be the best Shark Week yet because horror fan, director and actor, Eli Roth, will be hosting. I know you might be rolling your eyes but I think this will be a great concept especially with his ten-time delayed novel to movie, MEG, that should come out sometime around 2017. Hey, at least it can't get as silly as the Myth Busters who tried to debunk Jaws or those guys who recreated a robotic shark to bite through whole chickens.

Speaking of never going into any body of water again, have you seen the trailer to the movie The Shallows? That gem is opening in theaters this coming week and I have a feeling this will bring back that Jaws feeling we have missed for many, many years. Checkout the teaser below:

So yeah, this one will be awesome because the shark looks incredibly real, Blake Lively is a believable protagonist who can pull off that independent strong figure, and the trailer has one thinking, "how are they going to make a full length film out of a girl dangling from a bouey?". So, I am super excited about this one and we will see if this will keep me out of the pool.

Today is Father's Day and if you are a papa, I hope you are having a wonderful day! I stumbled on this today on Twitter and I cannot believe this has been under my radar because "Father's Day" from the classic horror comic based movie, The Creep Show, is by far my favorite.

Aaron Crawford from CavityColors made this killer 8 bit shirt from the final scene of "Father's Day" but puts an amazing NES spin on it. Pop over to his site and pick up the "Game Over, Bedilia" shit and stay a while to see what else you HAVE TO HAVE! There is some fantastic stuff he and his girlfriend create.

Did you catch James Wan's The Conjuring 2 this past week? If you have not, and you like loosely based on true event horror flicks, go see it! I did some research into the Enfield case years ago and was excited when this film's plot was announced a couple years back. It did not disappoint!

I have seen the above video making its rounds a few notable websites like one of my favorites, Broke Horror Fan, and it claims this person in the Philippines became possessed while watching The Conjuring 2. I don't know but to whoever is making those demon sounds, what a lovely singing voice you have.

Thanks for popping by to read about the stuff I have been paying attention to. It's a fun time to be a fan of so much neat entertainment and talented people.

Stay tuned this week because there are a few awesome posts hitting early on and a few videos. Ramping up for late August is proving to be a lot more fun than I was anticipating!

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