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Bringing It Back!

Howdy! It's been a busy couple weeks from the unveiling of The Casserole of Disaster but that is a great thing because it has given time for crazy content and new videos. Since this is mainly a fun-loving site with that sort of video media I thought, why not focus in on specific topics that I know a good amount about?

Yes! Have some!

I don't know if you know this but when I was kid at the awkward age of 13 I basically idolized a certain horror host you may know from his later work at TNT called "Monster Vision". That's right, Joe Bob Briggs was an hero to me, especially at that age when staying up to the wee hours of the night watching campy horror flicks was (still is) what I looked forward to the most. His sarcastic and suave demeanor added that perfect touch of levity when you just watched some poor girl get stuck to a tree with a machete from a nine foot tall psycho in a hockey mask. I ate it up and it never really left me. Thank goodness.

Today we can still watch some of his greatest shows and interviews on YouTube but there is the noticeable absence of not watching in realtime and keeping up with his infamous list of decapitations, knife throws, karate chops, boobs and Elvis impersonations. I guess that is something kids of today will have to live without. Bummer.

I will get to the point now. Back in the day when I was engaged with turning VeggieMacabre into more of a video blog I did a show called "Beers with Movie Sauce". Yeah, it was a crappy title and looking back on the shoots, they were pretty tough to watch but I think the heart and concept was on the right track. What I mean is, that could have been done a lot better had I not have forgotten the one who inspired me those many years ago as a dorky kid, the show would have been a lot different and I would probably still be doing them on a regular basis. I neglected to pay homage to the great Joe Bob Briggs and put the time and effort to make a show that someone can tune in and hopefully get that same fun feeling from that I did almost twenty six years ago.

Right now it is still in concept and the format needs to be easy to understand with a flow that is constant because without that, people will tune in a couple times and that will be that. I love these flicks and for very personal reasons so that will also not be left out because everyone has seen The Exorcist but no one has the same story or take away. I have also been doing test shoots with pretty great results, better lighting, audio stuff, giggits giggited and flibbits flibbitted. All-in-all, I have taken this seriously and put the time and effort to make a great series that will hopefully bring a smile or two.

I am shooting for the first episode in the series to be available within the next week. There are still a lot of annoyances to get out of the way but I was so jazzed after seeing this completed shoot I couldn't help but blab a spoiler to create some interest.

So, just keeping you up to date. I have other big things coming to the site as well with friends of mine so I will let you know more about that too when that draws closer. Until then, the show will go on.

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