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Review the World and Friends...

This past weekend was one for the books. The yearly meeting of the five families had nothing on this get together which included DJD from Dark Entries Goth Radio Show, Ben who runs Juggernaut Cave and the famous and happy-go-lucky Brain from Review the World. Over the past few years we have added more zany reviews, experiences to write about or shoot and let me tell you something, we went full Franklin on this one. From backyard barbeques, to childhood drinks rising from the grave, we have it all and you can visit the Casserole of Disaster, Retro Ghouls or Review the World to see it go down.

Here is a quick video of me failing to do what comes so naturally to Brian. How does he do it so carefree and fluid? It's passion and professionalism, my friend. Notice the weirdo mustache on this guy behind me?

Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter or Facebook for the next post featuring the amazing drink, Ecto Cooler and our memories of a drink that simulates Slimer's piss. Gee Wiz that's good stuff!

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