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Ecto Cooler

It's not often that I get very jazzed about junk food but when it comes to a green drink based off of a supernatural comedy film/cartoon AND the last time I had it I was eleven AND it's a novelty idea to promote another supernatural comedy AND I get to share that first time sip with some great pals?! Well, I'm Huckleberry.

I know this is old news to most of you but yes, the Hi-C drink Ecto Cooler is back and taking the nation by storm. By nation I mean every place except North Carolina, of course. We have issues with bathrooms and Bruce Springstein is boycotting so why not exclude Ecto Cooler too? I tell you North Carolina, you weren't the same state I moved to in 2010. You've let yourself go!

But, thanks to Amazon, I was still able to secure a few packs. Sure I stayed glued to the computer like a day-trader refreshing the purchase button for million times but all good things come to those who don't shower and eat anything within reach of computer desk (candy corns from two years ago). The only real concern would be whether it would arrive in time for my good buds who were in town and talk them into recording this historic moment.

Of course they would! My good bud, Brian from Review the World is a natural and helped center this review/time warp as we enjoyed our first sip of real Ecto Cooler for the first time since...Friends was popular? I guess?

Joining in the fun too was DJ D from Dark Entries Goth Radio and my close buddy Ben from Juggernaut Cave. DJ D and Brian are a little more into these type of reviews since we are pals from the old site, X-Entertainment (now Dinosaur Dracula) than Ben is. Perhaps because Ecto Cooler isn't soy or made of organic slime but he was a great sport to film along.

So, I am not going to yammer on about what we did since there is an almost ten minute video of this that took almost ten hours of wrestling Final Cut to export but I won! Final Cut you S.O.B., you, I won.

Oh and when you film with two cameras, I didn't anticipate that I would also be sharing what a mess my office really is and what a fucked up haircut I got. I didn't know that until tonight.


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