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Howdy my friends! While I have my buddies Brian, Dave and Ben in town this weekend and filming lots of silly videos for future posts, I wanted to take a quick second to let you know that YOU can be in an exclusive club. That's right, it's a secret codeword, fancy handshake, hidden symbolic tattoo kind of club. Let me explain.

A great friend of mine, J.W. Ocker, who is a fantastic author of amazing books like The New York Gimpendium, The New England Grimpendium and one of my personal favorites, Poe-Land, has just started this wicked cool club for his travel blog O.T.I.S. (Odd Things I've Seen). This club has many perks including seek peeks to his travels, forums, a Google Hangout meeting and even early copies of his new book! All you have to do is sign up for a monthly subscription to his Patreon site and BAM!, you're in. Seriously! It's that easy!

So just click on the image below and get whisked away to his club page. Give what you can because his journeys are some of the most fun here on the web and who knows, he could be visiting that weird oddity in a town near you!

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