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What a Time to Be Alive!

Of course the week I decide to launch this new adventure happens to be a closing week for my fiscal year-end at work but whatever. We are all busy in our own respects and it is okay to have to handle the things that pay the bills. Just don't let it suck your soul. I have been guilty of that up until recently.

Nope, it hit a point when I just stopped caring about all the little things that used to paralyze me from doing all the meaningful things. I guess that is where the Casserole of Disaster was born. Embrace the best things in life because no amount of money, things or status can ever result in happiness. It's about being present, looking around and taking notice how awesome life is and be grateful.

Now, holy shit. Holy Holy shit. If you don't know, (and how can you not) Hi-C has brought back Ecto Cooler! The drink that hydrated me for many summers and embodies what was so awesome about being a kid in an era where sugary foods had mascots. When I first heard about this, I nearly threw my back out from an awkward jump at work. I could not believe it but it is true. Ecto Cooler will be in my fridge by the end of the weekend.

I know that the means by which we get Ecto Cooler is divided because of the remake/re-imagined Ghostbusters movie and that has been met with some controversy. Harold Ramis purists don't like the look, others claim sexism from an all female cast and who knows but I say, who cares? We have the juice from the fountain of youth. AND in a few months Ghoulaid will be here so, lets hug it out, watch the movie, collect the toys and mix that Ecto Cooler in some vodak (vodka) and I will meet you in the pool.

Yikes! I look a little hungover here but thanks to Matt from Dinosaur Dracula, I proudly display my awesome gift of an original sealed box of Ecto Cooler. I was too nervous to pack it so it is safe and sound at Jay's house from The Sexy Armpit. But we can see, that the celebration runs deep here in the land of Ghostbuster freaks.

I hope you guys are having the best day of the weak.

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