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Into It

Okay, here is another post on the series, "INTO IT!". No real intro needed so I'll just get start with...

NUMBER 1!!! Apple AirPods Accessories!

Do you know what is a hoot? Losing a $169.00 set of tiny earphones that are attached to nothing and buy more only to leave them in an airline seat. The solution? Don't be a forgetful unorganized prick! Also, invest in stuff that makes small expensive technology more prominent. What I mean is, the small AirPods can fallout of your head, be tucked into a pocket and randomly fall out without you ever knowing. It doubly sucks as an anxious flier to face a four hour flight without distraction, let alone the sting of an almost $200 loss. Get the stuff that makes it a prominent piece of your communication. Buy accessories!

2) Giro Vanquish Helmet

Okay, I am a novice cyclist. In fact, biking is the least strong-sport I am undertaking in this triathlon hobby I have adopted. I may as well announce this, I am planning to an Ironman before the end of the year. How will I do this? I do not know.

One cool thing about triathlon racing is the gear. I could start a whole blog on this space-age shit. The Giro gear is amazing and I just got a new "skid-lid" with a crazy visor. It's not cheap but it fits perfect and frees your ears to be present in a 360 degree environment. I know that sounds weird but when you are counting on drivers to not text and drive while they pass you going 60 mph, you need all the help you can get.

This brain bucket runs about $250 but so worth it. This blog would look much different if I didn't protect my brain. Let's simulate!

Without the Giro: "Biiik crash big crap my faas!"

Point proven.

3) Wicked Weed "Napoleon Complex"

I don't drink a whole lot lately because, well, I have made some crazy changes over the past couple months and being slowed down by hangovers just isn't apart of the plan. But I will make an acceptation for a few things like this IPA from Wicked Weed Brewery right here in North Carolina. I have come to view things of indulgence as an "earned" event. I will do a lot for a chance to sip a "Napoleon Complex" and believe it or not, I think it tastes better this way.

I don't know much about the "hoppiness" scale but if I were to guess I would say this lands at about a three on a scale of ten. Not overly tough and that might cause certain beer snobs to have a Napoleon complex of their own. Oh well, I've never claimed to be tough.

Speaking on Napoleon Complexes, Theodore got a rad jean jacket-hoody sporting a The Thing patch. It makes him walk a little taller. Also, chicks dig it. Into IT!

My buddy J.W. Ocker has spent much of his adult life seeking out the odd spots and scenes across the world. He's a "real-life" buddy of mine who I make absolutely sure to see whenever I am in the Boston area. Jason is an accomplished author of a few novels ranging from weird NYC to weird New England to Salem, Massachusetts to everything you wanted to know about Edgar Allen Poe. His blog is my real joy though, because it is a treasure of adventures dating all the way back to when he was a young buck. It is a must if you have a little bit of the odd in you. (You do)

As if it couldn't get better, he just announced he will be starting a podcast talking about all of these odd things he has seen. Jason is very articulate and his storytelling abilities will have you hanging on every word. This is something I will definitely be into and so should you!

Check it out here and be sure to join his club for exclusive content and most-excellent cards in the mail!

There is a quick down and dirty of a few of the things I am into this week. Later in the week I am launching a leadership vlog and continuing on with the silly reviews. The business/leadership and daily aspiration vlogs will de on the other site for the company. It's a growth project and it is starting to get fun. The reviews on products will stay here, of course.

Be well and go tell a random person something nice.

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