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The 9 Essential Horror Movies For Halloween!

Over the past couple months I have been making videos for this year's Halloween Hell Show and finally a few of them show up for the final cut. This one was not too long ago but the editing process made me want to shoot this computer, rebuild it and then shoot it again. It's amazing how little I know about the library-export-share process to YouTube. Ironically, I use YouTube videos to teach me when I run into a snag (which is often).

Tonight/today I want to share my Top Nine Essential Horror Movies YOU need to watch to have a fulfilling Halloween season. Now, these aren't the best horror movies and I am sure there are dozens of others that people would switch in and out of the list, but to me...these are ones that makes Halloween official.

Why nine you ask? Because it's my little way of making some of you OCD people go a little mad. Hell, we're all a little mad, aren't me?

Check out my video by the comfort of a campfire and see if these movies are some of your essential Halloween picks! If not, what would you add?

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