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Halloween Junk Food Smash!

Why hello there! I am back to continue this Halloween Hell Show and spread macabre joy throughout the internet. It is my calling. Other than being an executive stiff, of course.

Tonight I am chatting about the wonderful Halloween junk that is limited time only to the 2016 season. I cover the Hostess Chocolate Scream Twinkies, the return of Scary Cakes filled with S'Cream filling, Mott's Medleys fruit snacks and of course Betty Crocker's Monster Cereal flavored Fruit Roll-Ups. The irony is that these snacks are so bad for your heart but makes it feel so warm. Not to spoil it but I do have an unorthodox method that you will need to see to believe. What can I say? I live for this stuff.

I have a lot to post tonight so I think it is on with the show. I do have a bit of a spoiler for this week, though. Well, a teaser rather. I will be on a pretty famous podcast with some pretty amazing people this week for their annual Halloween show. I am crazy flattered they asked and I hope I don't wreck it. Don't be a goofus, Will! I will keep you updated when that podcast will be available.

Enjoy this little video I shot earlier detailing why you need to buy these boxes of terribleness for your teeth. If nothing else for decoration because they go with most any wallpaper. And what can survive the apocalypse like a Twinkie?

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