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What You Need To Be Hallo-Doing!

Before I jump back into the greatest horror hosts and personality project and my review of a Renaissance Fair horror dungeon, we need to talk about all the exciting and fun things we should be doing now that it is officially the month of October. For us diehard Halloween weirdos the season began back on September first but the rest of the world takes their sweet ass time. So let's turn up the juice and see what shakes loose!

SyFy TV 31 Days of Halloween

The SyFy Channel is the first out of the gate with a full spooky schedule that has stay at home working people and parents loving life. There is something great about watching The Grudge 3 at noon even if it is on mute because you have to be on a conference call with that one dickhead who has to ask questions he already knows the answer to just to prove he is engaged. Not that I have experienced that or anything.

Here is a sample of the programing from a random day in the afternoon when most people are in school or cubical. See? This really is the best time of the year.

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness X

This is one of my favorite Halloween traditions that I have celebrated since it began ten years ago. Jame's Rolfe aka Angry Video Game Nerd blows it away every October with his 31 days of horror movie recaps and reviews. I am giving Jame's his own horror host episode this week so I won't elaborate too much about how talented this guy is so I will just give a link to the past Monster Madness years and the trailer to this year's Monster Madness 10.

Sadly, this is the final year Jame's will be doing the Monster Madness in it's full 31 day format. From here on he will probably trim it or have one long episode but after ten years, I think we have enough content to revisit it every year and inspire people to watch something they otherwise would have skipped. This show is one of the best on the web so please give it a while if you have not before! Check it out here!

The Purple Stuff Podcast

My buddies who I know personally and still hangout with me, Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from The Sexy Armpit, have redefined the podcasting experienced by taking their Halloween memories and favorites topics to your ears. They have a year-round show but when the days get shorter and shadows run long, they really paint the town orange and black with hilarious commentary. Seriously, if you aren't into podcasts or haven't really gave them a chance, I want you to change that. Change that right now! You will not be sorry.

To get whisked away to the land of side-splitting hilarity of the spooky, click the image above and have a ball. This week they talk about normal things that are somehow creepy. Billy Ocean is a topic.

The Exorcist Poster That Glows

I saw this today on Twitter thanks to my buddy All-Hallow-Steve and I will say that as much as I love it, it will never be in my house. That smile is something that chills you to the core no matter how big and badass you might be.

From the artist, Sam Wolfe Connelly, this poster captures the very thing that frightened me so damn bad when I saw this film some 24 years ago. The unnerving grin is what you see when you shut your eyes on a dark night. It brings me back to that late Saturday afternoon in middle school watching the taboo film that everyone warned me against. It hit on all senses from the terrifying voice to the dialogue between Chris McNeal and Father Damian Karrass referring to her daughter as "that thing" but NOTHING effected me like that evil grin. God, even today I still get the chills thinking about it.

Lucky for us we can now have the poster featuring Regan and that wide smile from the deepest reaches of Hell. I love the rosary with the tummy-scratch-font title, too. Nice touch! OH! I almost forgot! This thing fucking glows! So not only does it capture the scariest part of the film but it glows so you can have it stare at you in total darkness. No! Nope! No Nope No Nope!

AMC TV FearFest Celebrates 20 years!

Fearfest is one of my favorites during the Halloween season and honestly it was one of my first continuous horror programming stations I was ever exposed to. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years but AMC has been doing it right since I was in high school. Pretty crazy!

Traditionally things don't go totally satanic until the 13th but since AMC is the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead channel, everything is pretty great during October. But I will tell you from experience, if you want to catch the best of AMC Fearfest, 2am-9am has the best time to watch. Trust me, they don't let Ghoulies on the same stage with The Shining. Click the photo above and see this year's schedule!

There still hasn't been that ONE thing restaurants or food chains have come out with exclusively Halloween that I have seen. And when I say exclusive Halloween, I mean like the 2015 Burger King black bun burger. Sure other places have spooky boxes and...well hold on. Let me check something.

Well, it looks like the McDonald Halloween Pails this year will be celebrating It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown's 50th anniversary. So that is something! Hopefully they will come with action figures. Perhaps Charlie Brown as the Holy Ghost with a rock? One can dream.

Well, it is October and here are a few Halloween things you should be Hallo-doing now or at least soon! We will be adding to the list as the season progresses but this is a small start!

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