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No Halloween Jones Soda???

For shame, Jones Soda Company! How can a soda company that is mostly built on novelty skip out on the one season that is really just one big novelty? It's a real bummer for us Halloween freaks because every year since the early 2000's we looked forward to new flavors, cans and amazing names for the Target exclusive Jones Soda Halloween editions. The season was always a little better when you could watch Halloween 4 while sipping on Spider Cider.

Nope, for what ever reason Target and Jones decided to part ways (at least in the sense of Halloween) and replaced them with mainstream sodas like Sunkist and Ginger Ale. Sure they have monsters on them but the thrill is gone when there are no quirky flavors or catchy names.

I learned this news a few weeks ago when my Twitter bud, Halloween Addict, asked what the good news is to Jones and they replied back that this year will be sans Candy Corn Soda or Drop Dead Lemon. Instead, they replaced it with a limited edition Birthday Cake Soda.

Birthday Cake Soda? What?!?!

And to which I replied, "Die".

Now I know this is a silly thing to complain about in the grand scheme but this is a silly website! And it happens to be 150% Halloween right now so in this little world, it's a damn drag. I feel like the Bumpass's dogs just ate the turkey.

I still love you for what you are, Jones Soda! I am expecting next year to include two liters, mat paintings and neat helmets to hold copious cans of NEW flavors in your Halloween Jones Soda selections. Judging from your Tweet-response and quest to find new partners, it does sound like Target is more to blame but I am sure you can find a home for Halloween Sodas. Maybe I should quit my day gig and become a Halloween soda rep? What do you think?

Here is my little video and plea to get Jones Soda doing what they do so well.

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