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You've Been Teased

It is here! A whole two days late, too. The thing about being a blogger with self-made timelines is when technology takes a dump, you only have yourself to blame. Oh well, I've been meaning to update all this stuff, anyway.

So here we are, a whole two weeks away from "go-time" when we launch the 2016 Halloween Hell Show which will be a first for the Casserole. Last year was fun but the real world ended up controlling most of it but this year? This year will be something special. I won't go into too much because what's the fun in that? Just watch the teaser and remember, this is only what I have so far and it's not even September yet! We still have so much more ahead.

Also, I got a new chair that smells weird for the book nook area of the office. I think a few reviews and a satanic Reading Rainbow might be happening there. You never know!

So, we have just a couple weeks left and on the stroke of midnight, September first 2016, we will start the show with content that will last us all the way to October 31st! Or die trying.

Enjoy the show and remember to lock the doors! He really is the Boogyman.

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