The Dinosaur Dracula Funpack!

June 25, 2016


If you knew me from the VeggieMacabre days than you have seen the unboxing videos of the famous Dinosaur Dracula Funpacks. I like doing these here and there to get the word out about a fun subscription and to support Matt's site, Dinosaur Dracula. It's also fun to show off the fact I have an E.T. toy from 1982. 


I think Matt has been doing these monthly boxes for well over a year (maybe even two) and it never ceases to amaze me the obscure and odd pieces of pop culture he manages to come up with. Whether it is a GI Joe figure pushing plaque fighting toothpaste or a five-knife-fingered Freddy Krueger from Spain, I can bet you will be the only one on the block with this box of amazingness. 


Now, I am about two weeks late getting this video posted so all the June Boxes have been shipped and received but this is a great time to get on board for the July box which should be coming out soon. And trust me, you know what season is fast approaching and if you really want to up the Halloween seasonal mood, this is the box to help you. 


Come gander at the "unboxing" of Dinosaur Dracula's June of 2016 box and listen to me get angry about trolls, reminisce about yo-yo accidents and overall, look like an idiot. I live in my art. Also, ignore me calling the Funpack Funbox a dozen times. 


If you want to subscribe, click this link and you will be swept way to the last post featuring this Funpack and instructions on how to do so. 


Thanks for coming by and enjoy the show!





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