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Welcome to Casserole of Disaster

Since the summer of 2007 I have been polluting the web with my site VeggieMacabre which was born of inspiration from the likes of X-Entertainment, I-Mockery, The Sexy Armpit and other fantastic places and people. I had a lot of fun with VeggieMacabre and WOW did I get to meet a lot of fantastic friends from it. That was something I never anticipated when it was conceived.

Times have changed, however, and I needed to put VeggieMacabre to rest. There are a lot of reasons but the main one is the motivation to add and grow a site that was dwindling down to a post every other month. It happens and just like everything else, it has run it's course.

Now, let me tell you about Casserole of Disaster! Like VeggieMacabre, it is mainly a multimedia site with an emphasis on fun. The internet is such a negative place at times so I wanted to create a little place to bring smiles, highlight wonderful people who do their part to inspire, celebrate the little things and have the best time doing it. Also, you know Halloween will be done right in this house.

So watch this little introductory video of me, your Master of Disaster, talk you through what is in this casserole and what to expect! I have to say, the best part is the simplicity and navigation ease.

You'll notice there are videos from VeggieMacabre but as the site begins to take on it's own identity, they will be placed in archives and Casserole of Destruction will be it's stand alone entity.

Before I go, I want to tell you VeggieMacabre isn't totally dead. Quickies is a VeggieMacabre Tumblr site for short little posts and pictures I take when I am sneaky even though everyone knows I am taking a picture.

Thanks for the journey of the old and here is to the new. Welcome to the Casserole of Disaster!

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